Hair fall reasons in teenage male

Hair fall reasons in teenage male


Grown-up men are not the only ones who face hair loss. Recent studies show teenagers experience hair fall due to certain underlying health problems or lifestyles that lead to hair loss. Adolescents may often notice thinning of hair leading to severe hair loss. Baldness pattern, commonly seen in young men is the most common cause of hair loss among teenagers.

The majority of people will experience some degree of hair loss throughout their life. Most people begin noticing hair loss during adulthood. But less commonly, some people start losing their hair as teenagers. Hair fall can be difficult for anybody, especially if you’re younger – losing hair impacts one’s self-confidence. The key cause of hair loss lies in one’s genes. Apart from genes, other medical conditions like hormone imbalance, contribute to hair loss. A large number of Hair Clinics offer modern treatment to control hair fall and also restore speedy hair growth.

The hair evolution period comprises hair growth, resting period, and hair shedding allowing for new hair growth. Minimum hair fall can be counted as a healthy process where about 100 hairs fall in a day. In case this count rises, it is always best to consult a Trichologist.

Hair Loss in Teens – Causes and Treatments

Health factors, along with lifestyle changes, Hormones, and other such conditions cause thyroid among teens causing intense hair fall. Alopecia – an illness that causes hair to fall in patches. The cause for Alopecia remains unknown. But this can be reduced and regrown with proper treatments and medications.

Bald-headedness in men is affected by hormones that alter the sexual characteristics and also alter our Genes that determine the characteristics inherited from the parents to child, including hair color and type. Most often this follows a pattern in hair loss, like receding hairline and balding at the crown area. This type of hair fall, common among adults begins in their early teen years.

Infections – Various Scalp fungal infections are often the major reason for severe hair loss, which can be treated with proper medication. Hair straightening, usage of various chemical treatments, chlorine water, a diet without proper nutrients, medications, etc. are other probable reasons.

Fix an appointment with a doctor if you are experiencing a hair fall to help find the root cause and follow proper treatment. It is best to get diagnosed earlier to help reduce the chances of hair fall.

The FDA has approved certain medications to be used by men for treating hair loss. Minoxidil, available in foam and solution form, helps in hair growth and also controls hair loss. It is to be applied on the hair scalp twice a day for a few months at a stretch and is easily available over the counter. Finasteride also helps control hair fall and improve hair growth. There are plenty of hair supplements that help in hair re-growth. It is best to have a word with a health professional before taking any products that guarantee hair growth.

Hair transplantation – the process of taking hair from the healthy area of the scalp and placing it on the balding area. This procedure combined with medical treatments helps in increasing hair growth. It is performed with local anesthesia. Not everyone can undergo a hair transplant. You need healthy hair and the recipient area must accustom to the new hair. This procedure has its own side effects. The most common being inflammation, numbness in the area of transplant, Blood loss, and hair loss in the grafted area.

A hair transplant is no small decision. An experienced dermatologist will educate you on the negatives and prospects of the procedure and decide on the best procedure. Hair thinning increases as we age.

Smoking affects your lungs. It also surges the probabilities of hair loss and early graying of hair. Hence it is ideal to quit smoking. Head massage stimulates the scalp follicles and also helps in blood circulation.

A balanced diet keeps you in good shape. Including a variety of vegetables, fruits, iron-rich food, lean proteins, vitamins, and minerals present in the food, also help in maintaining healthy hair growth.

Drinking plenty of water is also equally important. Stress creates ruckus in our bodies. Premature greying and severe hair fall can be the result of an unhealthy and stressful life. Regular exercise, meditation, yoga, and enough sleep helps regulated hair loss

A variety of oil for hair growth – Coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil are commended to benefit hair growth, but studies are yet to confirm the benefits of oil for hair growth.

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