Do you ever wonder what is Alice In Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS) ?

A rare neurological disease where there is an alteration in the perception of the individual is noticed in Alice in wonderland syndrome. Things and objects with normal size are thought to be smaller in size or extremely large in length and width. Body parts are also seen as larger than their normal size and shape […]

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Right lower abdominal pain

Why you experience pain in the lower right stomach when sitting down?

There are various factors that contribute to pain in the lower right stomach. Some factors that lead to the pain is due to mild causes whereas there are hidden emergency factors that need immediate management to prevent complications and loss of life. The abdomen, simply known as the stomach, is the area of your body […]

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holding glass of water

Why do my hands shake when I hold something?

Shaking movements of hands also called hand tremor is an involuntary trembling or quivering of your hand. Tremor can involve large groups of muscle fibers or small bundles of muscle fibers. Shaky hands vary in direction, amplitude, or intensity.  Most of the time its rhythmicity, speed, timing with regard to rest and activity and parts […]

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