Is fructose a reducing sugar?


Yes, fructose is considered a reducing sugar. A reducing sugar is a type of sugar that has the ability to reduce other substances, particularly oxidizing agents. Fructose, like other monosaccharides such as glucose and galactose, has a free aldehyde or ketone functional group that can undergo oxidation reactions, making it a reducing sugar.

In the case of fructose, it has a ketone functional group on its structure, which is capable of reducing certain compounds. When fructose reacts with an oxidizing agent, such as Benedict’s reagent or Fehling’s solution, it undergoes a chemical reaction and reduces the oxidizing agent. This reaction results in the formation of a colored precipitate, indicating the presence of a reducing sugar.

It is worth noting that although fructose is a reducing sugar, it is more resistant to oxidation compared to glucose. This is because the ketone functional group in fructose is less reactive than the aldehyde group in glucose.

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