Which Indian food is best for fever?


When someone has a fever, it is important to consume foods that are easy to digest and provide the necessary nutrients to boost the immune system. Here are some Indian foods that can be beneficial for individuals with fever:

  1. Khichdi: Khichdi is a simple dish made from rice and lentils that is easy to digest and provides carbohydrates and proteins to the body. It is a light meal that can be easily prepared and is often recommended during illness.
  2. Vegetable soup: Vegetable soup made with carrots, onions, garlic, and ginger can help boost the immune system and provide the body with essential nutrients. It is easy to digest and helps in replenishing fluids in the body.
  3. Ginger tea: Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in reducing fever. Drinking ginger tea can help soothe the throat, reduce nausea and provide relief from fever.
  4. Curd: Curd is a probiotic food that helps in building immunity and aids in digestion. It can be consumed with rice or added to vegetable soup to make it more nutritious.
  5. Coconut water: Coconut water is a natural electrolyte and is rich in potassium, which helps in maintaining hydration levels. It is a refreshing drink that can help reduce fever and prevent dehydration.

It is important to consult a doctor if the fever persists for more than three days or if the individual experiences other symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, chest pain, or severe headache.

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