Is Alice in Wonderland a dream or a nightmare?


The interpretation of “Alice in Wonderland” as either a dream or a nightmare is a matter of personal perspective and can be subject to different interpretations. However, many readers and critics have interpreted the story as a dream, as it is filled with surreal and nonsensical elements that are characteristic of dreams. Alice’s experiences in Wonderland are often disconnected from reality and follow a dream-like logic that is unpredictable and illogical.

On the other hand, some readers may interpret Alice’s journey as a nightmare due to the many challenging and frightening experiences she faces in Wonderland, such as being chased by the Queen of Hearts and encountering the fearsome Jabberwocky. Additionally, the story can be seen as a commentary on the strict social norms and gender roles of Victorian England, which could be interpreted as a nightmare for those who were oppressed by them.

Ultimately, whether “Alice in Wonderland” is seen as a dream or a nightmare depends on the reader’s individual interpretation and perspective.

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