How can I test for STDs at home?


There are a few ways to test for STDs at home, but it’s important to note that not all STDs can be detected through at-home testing. Additionally, if you test positive for an STD, it’s important to follow up with a healthcare provider for treatment.

Here are some options for at-home STD testing:

  1. STD test kits: Many companies now offer at-home STD test kits that you can order online. These kits typically involve collecting a urine or blood sample and sending it back to the company for testing. Results are usually available within a few days. Some companies that offer at-home STD test kits include Everlywell, myLAB Box, and LetsGetChecked.
  2. Rapid STD tests: Some STDs can be detected using rapid test kits that you can purchase at a pharmacy or online. These tests typically involve collecting a sample (e.g. blood, urine, or swab) and using the kit to test for the presence of the STD. Results are usually available within 30 minutes to an hour. However, it’s important to note that rapid tests may not be as accurate as laboratory-based tests.
  3. Telemedicine: Some healthcare providers offer telemedicine services that allow you to speak with a healthcare professional and receive a prescription for an at-home STD test kit. This can be a good option if you’re not sure which test to take or if you need guidance on interpreting your results.

It’s important to remember that at-home STD testing is not a substitute for regular STD screening and does not replace the need for regular check-ups with a healthcare provider. If you’re sexually active, it’s a good idea to get tested for STDs regularly, even if you don’t have any symptoms.

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