Can scabies get in your hair?


Scabies infestations are caused by tiny mites called Sarcoptes scabiei that burrow into the skin to lay their eggs, leading to an itchy and uncomfortable rash. While scabies mites typically prefer areas of the skin with thin skin layers, they can occasionally infest the scalp and hairline.

Scabies infestations in the scalp and hairline are less common than those on other parts of the body, but they can occur. The symptoms of scabies infestations in the scalp and hairline may include intense itching, small red bumps or pimple-like bumps, and the appearance of thin, wavy lines on the skin.

If you suspect you have scabies infestation on your scalp, it is important to seek medical attention promptly for diagnosis and treatment. Treatment usually involves prescription creams, lotions, or oral medications to kill the mites and relieve symptoms.

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